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Car Toys Tigard For Different Age Brackets

Many car manufacturing companies have dominated the automotive industry with exceptional and amazing cars. These companies offer many models of cars, implying you can get many model scale car toys Tigard for your young ones.

Car toys in Tigard come in different scales and are made from different materials. When you decide the right model car to buy, specify the material and size for a model car, price range, color if it matters and even the model year of your toy car.

Popular Car Toys Tigard

Pop culture model cars:

There are different forms of popular culture that people consume on a day-to-day basis. Some of the common types of pop culture are movies, TV shows, video games and even music videos. Most companies have their car models that have been significantly used and, over time, have become iconic car models in pop culture.

Toyota Celica GT:

This is a car that was introduced into the market back in 1971. The target market was youths who wanted to drive sporty cars from Toyota. This car was produced until 2005, when Toyota discontinued the production of this car.

Toyota Celica GT car models come in different scales and materials. One, there is the Toyota Celica GT safari version. This is a quite detailed version that was used in racing competitions. The other popular version available in the market is the Toyota Celica GT special edition. This is just a normal version model of the Toyota Celica GT with just plain colors.

Mercedes AMG GT3:

Mercedes AMG GT3 is a car for enthusiasts in real life. Some kids equally like racing cars, and this is a good fit for them. This is a good collector’s car with quite a detailed interior and exterior, even as a toy car. It is a very realistic toy car because it also comes with rubber tires.

Mclaren 12C GT3:

This is yet another car, and its model comes with very realistic car parts and components. For instance, both the interior and exterior of this car toy are as detailed as an actual McLaren 12C GT3. To your surprise, this toy car also has a detailed engine compartment, as you would find in an actual car.

Since the McLaren 12C GT3 remains a collector’s car, it may be a fantastic addition to the toy collection that your young one(s) has.

Ferrari Moza SP1:

Unique and expensive cars exist in the real world, but none of them seem to be competing directly with the Ferrari Monza SP1. It is a car that only sits one and is quite a looker for many.

As a toy car, it comes scaled at 1/18. To put this into perspective, the model car Ferrari Monza SP1 is about 10.25 inches in length, 4.27 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height.

Toyota Land Cruiser 60:

This is a stationery wagon that Toyota introduced as its first luxury car back in 1980. It is a car that dominated roads back in the 80s and created a strong reputation for reliability for Toyota cars. These cars turned out to be one of the most reliable production cars.

If you wish to buy a model Toyota Land Cruiser 60, there are many sizes and colors to choose from. To choose the best color and size, you have to budget how much of your money you want to use for such a purchase of a scaled model car.

Toyota Century with Curtains:

Toyota Century is a car meant to compete with luxury brands like Rolls Royce in real life. A model car of Toyota Century that has even curtains can create the same illusion for your young ones. This is a toy car you get in different colors and even scale sizes as you wish.

1933 Ford Roadster:

Classic cars had unique designs, and some of these design languages are no longer in production. Such a car is the 1933 Ford Roadster, a car that was made to look not just great but timeless. 1933 Ford Roadster is among the best car toys Tigard you can buy for a son, a daughter, a niece or a nephew in Tigard.

It is surprising to imagine even this being a toy car; the 1933 Ford Roadster comes with a detailed interior, exterior and engine compartment. This car model also comes equipped with rubber tires, which is a good thing for the realistic feel of this toy car.

Audi R8 V10 5.2FSi Quattro:

Audi R8 is a supercar designed to be driven daily by owners. This makes it quite common to see than other supercars, which are just driven occasionally by their owners. You can buy a 1/18 scale model car for your child and let them enjoy the sleek design that Audi R8 V10 5.2FSi Quattro has.

Toyota GR010 Hybrid:

Toyota has a prototype referred to as GR010 Hybrid, and this is a racing car. Even though it’s not yet a production car, it is among the best car toys Tigard to buy for your young ones. You can get a model of this car at a scale of 1/18 model and have some sense of what it would look like in the real sense if this Toyota prototype was to be made a production car.

Things to Consider When Buying Car Toys Tigard


some toys are more age-specific than others in terms of their mechanical equipment and electrification. When buying car toys Tigard, consider the relevance of a toy with regard to the age of the user. This helps you avoid buying a toy that is too bulky for them. It also helps avoid buying a toy that is no longer relevant to the user because they have outgrown it.


The price of each toy car differs depending on age, its mechanical components and the material used. Prices can start from $7 and more. Buy what is within your budget and what meets the entertainment and learning needs of the intended user.


Some car toys are made of hard plastics, while others are made of aluminum. Some materials are more durable than others. Based on the lifetime you wish a car toy to have, choose the right material accordingly.

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