Dinosaur Toys for Kids

Dinosaur Toys for Kids

Dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago, but their fascinating stories are still told. Extinction and the life of these dinosaurs have remained an exciting topic for kids of all ages. This makes dinosaur toys for kids quite helpful to help them create real-life impressions of what dinosaurs were when they lived.

Best Dinosaur Toys for Kids of All Ages

1. Dinosaur finger puppets

These are quite universally helpful for kids of all ages. They are useful when teaching kids about dinosaurs’ physical characteristics. You can buy dinosaur finger puppets for your child to play with at home or school.

When used for educational purposes, they can help kids understand aspects like the adaptations of dinosaurs to the environment. They stimulate a realistic imagination of the environment when dinosaurs were still alive.

Dinosaur finger puppets are small and lightweight. It makes them quite portable, and your child can carry them to different places and environments.

2. Dinosaur bath toys

These are great when you want an engaging bath for your young ones. These toys come in different sizes, and some have more functionalities to play with. In general, dinosaur bath toys are great for promoting a child’s motor skills. Since these toys will come in different textures and colors, they highly stimulate the sensory development of a young one. Their contribution to the sensory development of a child makes dinosaur bath toys some of the best dinosaur toys for kids.

3. Dinosaur stacking blocks

Kids love stacking blocks because they stimulate their critical and creative thinking. Dinosaur stacking blocks are a perfect way of building problem-solving skills for your young one. The logic of playing with stacking blocs is to keep them balanced on a certain base block.

As your child builds their tower with these dinosaur stacking blocks, they develop spatial awareness. Kids get introduced to size, weight, and even shape. As kids develop their spatial awareness, their motor skills also sharpen as they grow older. Motor skills develop through a kid’s good eye-hand coordination and their mind’s imagination.

4. Dinosaur model kits

If you have ever wondered which toy combines education and entertainment relevance for your kids, dinosaur model kits fit this purpose precisely. They are great toys for hands-on learning for your children at different ages.

The educational relevance of dinosaur model kits is based on the lives of dinosaurs before their extinction. Your kids can learn about dinosaurs’ anatomy, diet, and habitat. They can try to imagine what they learn in a real-world setting. Some dinosaur model kits can be painted; kids can find this fun and engaging.

5. Dinosaur remote-controlled toys

Remote-controlled dinosaurs come with different functionalities. All these help your kid to explore the world of dinosaurs, from how they used to walk, roar, or even fight each other. Depending on the functionality of a remote-controlled dinosaur you get for your kid(s), they learn how dinosaurs were adapted to the natural environment.

Some of the great options of remote-controlled dinosaurs that may be great for your kid to explore are walking dinosaurs, spraying dinosaurs, roaring dinosaurs, or even fighting dinosaurs.

Best Places to Buy Dinosaur Toys for Kids

There are online sellers who ship to the majority parts of the world. However, some ships only to certain regions like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, among others. If you wish to buy toys from an online seller who does not deliver to your country or region, you can count on Ship7. You can use Ship7 to ship anything else you buy online to your doorstep other than dinosaur toys.

Shipping with Ship7 is simple; you order online and use your Ship7 delivery address. Your toys will get delivered to Ship7 from the store you bought from, say, Amazon. Then, Ship7 will ship your purchase to your country or residence up to the last mile.

United States

If you live in the United States, you can buy dinosaur toys for kids from Toys R Us, Amazon US, or even Target. Toys R Us is a retailer specializing in toys, and you can get any variety of dinosaur toys from their stores. If you want to compare offers from different retailers, Amazon US is an excellent place.

United Kingdom

The Entertainer is one of the places you can get dinosaur toys for your kids. This is the largest independent retailer of toys in the UK. Just like Americans, you can buy dinosaur toys from Amazon UK. Here, you explore options from different retailers. You may also explore the inventory of Smyths Toys.


If you live in Ireland, Smyths Toys has you back for all your dinosaur toy needs. You can also check various dinosaur toys from different retailers at Amazon Ireland. Perhaps, you can also buy from Toymaster, and they deliver nationwide in Ireland.


You can check out the stock inventory of dinosaur toys for kids that Big W has. You may also check out retailers selling dinosaur toys at Amazon Australia. Toys R Us also has some stores in Australia, and you can get a variety of dinosaur toys from them.

Why Buy Dinosaur Toys for Kids

1. Building motor skills

Motor skills involve moving body muscles and parts to perform specific tasks. When kids plan with dinosaur toys, motor skills like finger movement and hand and eye coordination are developed. For instance, a child learns to control hand movement when building a tower with stacking blocks. Such kid develops motor skills of hand movement with precision and stability.

2. Promoting spatial awareness

Kids need to learn how people and objects move in their natural environment. Learning such movement implies the development of cognitive thinking of weight and balancing of objects. Spatial awareness is highly developed among kids who play with dinosaur toys.

3. Boosts problem-solving skills

When kids use dinosaur playsets, they have to use their imaginative thinking to create their world of dinosaurs. Since kids have to reason how and why to use certain dinosaur toys in the playset, it becomes helpful to their problem-solving skills.

Tips for Choosing the Right Dinosaur Toys for Kids

1. Check for durability

Kids can be quite harsh while handling toys. If a dinosaur toy is fragile, a child may break it quite easily and, at times, as soon as it’s bought. Before buying your child’s dinosaur toys, ascertain that they are made from durable materials.

Durable toys are made of different materials. Thus, the choice of material may not determine if a toy is durable. What determines if a dinosaur toy will be durable or not is the solid compactness of such material.

2. Check the educational factor of the toy

The educational relevance of a dinosaur toy is age-dependent. The educational need of a 3-year-old child is not the same as that of a 5 or 6-year-old child. Easily put, the educational needs of a preschooler from dinosaur toys differ from those of a school-aged child.

3. Consider the user’s age

Your child’s age highly dictates what kind of dinosaur toys you can buy for them. This is because your child’s development level depends on their age. Due to age differences, the need for toys for a two-year-old will differ from that of a 6-year-old.

If your child is learning motor skills, get dinosaur toys that fit that purpose. Similarly, if you want a dinosaur toy that will promote your kid’s spatial awareness, get one that fits this purpose.

4. Set a budget

Well, toys can be cheap and at times, expensive. A toy being cheap or expensive is subjective because it depends on your disposable income and your budget for toys for your young ones. Set a budget and spend within its outliers. Explore the options of dinosaur toys that have more value for money.

You can use some hacks to buy high-quality and often expensive dinosaur toys at affordable costs. For instance, you may look for coupon codes, ask for discounts, or even buy when there are offers, like on black Fridays.

5. Fun-factor

The universal reason for getting dinosaur toys for kids is for them to entertain and engage themselves with these toys. The fun factor of a dinosaur toy is use-dependent. For instance, the fun factor of a spraying dinosaur toy is using it to spray water, maybe in pool.

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