Pool Toys for Kids

Pool Toys for Kids

You may have a pool at home or even planning to visit one in your neighborhood or away from home on a vacation. Carrying along age-appropriate pool toys for kids makes swimming enjoyable for your young ones.

Pool Toys for Kids

1. Water guns:

On hot days, swimming is complete with water fights for young swimmers. One of the must-have water-fight toys is a water gun. Water guns’ pool toys for kids are perfect for practicing targeting.

Water guns come in different sizes and shapes. Their water-carrying capacity also differs, and the range at which these water guns can aim for a target differs. Choose the right water gun specification depending on your young swimmers’ age. Besides, buy a water gun within your budget that meets your durability and maintenance prospects.

2. Inflatable floaties:

Young swimmers do not just want to have fun diving in the water. They also want to have fun floating and bouncing on the water surface. You may need inflatable floaties for a maximum fun swimming experience.

These floaties come in different shapes and sizes. Surprisingly, companies manufacturing these floaties even imitate certain designs for these inflatable floaties. For instance, some floaties are designed like cars, others like boats and other applicable designs.

3. Pool noodles:

There are some pool toys for kids that enhance the creativity of young swimmers. Pool noodles are among such toys that will enhance the creativity of your young swimmers alongside their swimming skills in many ways.

Pool noodles are one of the most effective tools for practicing the freestyle stroke arm pull. If you have a young swimmer who you wish to train them freestyle stroke arm pull, consider getting pool noodles for them. You would be surprised how these pool noodles may help unlock more swimming skills.

4. Water slides:

A waterslide is a tool you would probably consider when you have your pool at home or as a hotelier. Water slides are quite fixed toys for kids. In the modern world, water slides have been developed even to carry more weight of adult swimmers.

You can install an inflatable water slide in your backyard pool. Inflatable water slides are easy to install and relocate, making them among the best pool toys for kids. While buying and installing one, always ensure they are safe for your young swimmers. For safety, it cuts across the design and the material used to make an inflatable water slide.

5. Basketball hoop:

You young swimmers might have some interest in basketball. Playing basketball on a court is fun until you explore the same game on different grounds. Young swimmers can experience water from a different dimension when playing basketball in a pool.

A single basketball hoop may be enough even for your backyard pool. Find the right size (and potentially with adjustable height) of a basketball hoop you wish to buy. You may compete with your young swimmers one day using such ‘toys’.

6. Floating islands:

Floating islands contribute more entertainment of the swimming experience for your young swimmers. Sometimes, one wants to take a breather while swimming without necessarily getting out of a pool. Floating islands are among the best pool toys for kids that serve the same purposes as a beach bed.

They are quite versatile toys, more so due to their design and the shapes they can come in. Some island floaters are meant for larger pools; equally, there are floating islands for relatively smaller pools, such as a backyard pool.

7. Swimming fins:

These swimming fins are known to help swimmers swim fast. They may be very helpful in a large pool where swimmers try to compete for the fastest.

Swimming fins also help young swimmers easily imitate how marine life swims in water. Depending on the swimmer’s age, swimming fins can vary in size. These fins are also differentiated from each other by the length of the fin. Some fins have long blades, and others have short blades.

8. Water Wheel:

Getting an inflatable water wheel can also enhance the swimming experience of young swimmers. Some inflatable water wheels are strong enough for adults to use them. There are many ways one can use an inflatable water wheel.

Swimmers can try to ride on top of the water wheel. This is just one among many other games swimmers can play with their water wheel.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Pool Toys for Kids

1. Size:

Some toys are considerably small, and others are considerably massive. Be aware of the pool’s surface area where you want to install or use pool toys for kids. If a pool toy is larger than the pool surface area, it beats the purpose of acquiring it.

2. Design:

The design of a toy may dictate the space it can occupy, how it can be used, and the fun factor of such pool toys for kids. While window shopping for a pool toy, consider how its design will impact the fun factor. Go for the design that will enhance the most fun out of pool toys.

3. Fun factor:

The fun factor differs from one pool to another. Some pool toys derive their fun factor from their ability to trigger the amusement of young swimmers. For other toys, their fund factor is enhancing creativity among swimmers. Besides, there are some pool toys for kids whose fun factor is educational relevance.

4. Age appropriateness:

The relevance of a toy is dependent on the age of the swimmer. A toy may be appropriate for a 3-year-old swimmer, but it may have no fun factor for a 7-year-old swimmer. Buy the most age-appropriate pool toys with regard to the age of the swimmer in question.

5. Price:

Price is, for sure, the elephant in the room. Price is subjective to what you want. Don’t forget that you get what you pay for, even for pool toys for kids. Buy the pool toy that assures you the most value for your money.

Remember, the value for money is also subjective. There may be swimmers who, to them, the value for money is the fun factor. To others, the value for money might be durability, and to others, the value for money may mean safety assurance.

6. Safety:

Safety is a critical factor for concern. You don’t want to buy pool tools for kids expecting fun and amusement from them only to get injuries. Try to brainstorm what can go wrong with young swimmers when using certain pool toys. Ascertain that a pool toy is optimally safe.

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